We are not “spanish” we are Latinos

I have a huge problem with words and meanings, I’ve been here is the US for two years and I heard so many times people calling me: Spanish. Ok, my native language is Spanish but that’s all. There’s more behind my language… don’t you think that’s too ignorant call me like that?

Of course we have offensive words, we use them when we want to offend someone. Bad words, well, for me they are necessary for your mental stability. Anyways, defining people based on their language is not ok. I still ask for help with this new language for me -English- and I ask a lot. I’ve made so many mistakes. Also i noticed that people here are more sensitive with certain “jokes” which is respectable.

As an adult i try to be objective; some people in the Unite States just ignore others cultures. Thats ok. But call all asian people “chinos” is just disrespectful to the people who comes from China and to the rest of Asia. I am not guilty of this, that’s an elemental code for coexistence. If you don’t know people, don’t judge, don’t tag them.

Finally, being Latino is almost a decision. I depends on where you come from, your family, your culture. Being latino -and not Hispanic- is about how you feel your heritage. So please, be respectful and don’t call us Spanish.


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