July 13th Rock World Day, hell yeah!

The World Rock Day was originally suggested by Phil Collins, inspired by an epic event that gathered plenty of rock stars on July 13th in 1985. This initiation promoted two massive simultaneous shows, one in London (UK) and one in Philadelphia (USA). In total, the event raised around US$280 million dollars aimed at raising funds to address the Ethiopia’s starvation. Was amazing! Gathering rock legends like Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Sting, Santana, Mick Jagger, Led Zeppelin, among others.

So now, we celebrate every year this day like rockers around the world. I am a huge fan of the movement, I grew up listening great bands because of my dad -super guilty-, who moved me inside and outside. Also, i really love number 13 and I found this curious event the same day long -and no to long- time ago related with rock and roll. Did you know it?

Steppenwolf‘s “Born To Be Wild” is released in the US, where it will reach #2. A line from the song which includes the words “heavy metal thunder” is often credited with popularizing a new term for loud, guitar dominated music. Video here.

Black Sabbath played their first gig at a small backstreet Blues club in Birmingham, England. The group would develop into one of the biggest Heavy Metal bands of the 1970’s with such albums as “Paranoid”, “Masters of Reality” and “Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath”.

George McRae had the top tune on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Rock Your Baby”, a song written and produced by Harry Casey and Rick Finch, who would go on to have their own hits with K.C. And The Sunshine Band. “Rock Your Baby” also went to number one on the UK singles chart, becoming one of the fewer than forty all-time singles to have sold ten million copies or more worldwide.

Eric Clapton‘s version of Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” is released in America where it will become his only US #1. Clapton would later say “I tried to ask him (Marley) what the song was all about, but couldn’t understand much of his reply. I was just relieved that he liked what we had done.”
Elvis Presley has his father Vernon fire three of his security crew, Sonny West, Red West and Dave Hebler. No reason for the dismissal was ever given to the trio. Sonny West and his cousin Red had been with Elvis since 1960. Hebler had been his self-defense instructor and personal bodyguard for four years.

Britain’s BBC announces a ban on The Sex Pistols’ latest single “No One Is Innocent”, which features vocals performed by Ronnie Biggs, a British criminal notorious for his part in the Great Train Robbery of 1963. At the time of the recording, Biggs was living in Brazil, still wanted by the British authorities but immune from extradition. Despite the lack of radio play, the song would still reach number seven on the UK chart. As for Biggs, he voluntarily returned to the United Kingdom in 2001 and spent several years in prison before being released on compassionate grounds in 2009.
The first Live Aid concerts were held at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia and at Wembley Stadium in London. Producer Bob Geldof headed the effort by attracting big name artists such as The Who, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Queen, Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, The Cars, Hall And Oates, Phil Collins and Lionel Richie. The performances were shown live via satellite for 18 consecutive hours and helped raise millions of dollars for starving people in Ethiopia.

With info from: http://riotimesonline.com http://www.classicbands.com



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