I need to tell you WHY kickboxing

This is my first post in english, and here i go. When i talk i sound like Sofia Vergara on movies, people say that’s cute. So, i decided to take some classes to learn some technique for self defense or something, i was really interested to punch. Also it is true that i am afraid to receive a kick in my face. Anyway, i saw in Facebook a gorgeous gym near to my place where punching and kicking for fitness: I love Kickboxing.

My only experience with an martial art was watching Pucca and Mulan with my daughter, and once Fit Combat cardio class that i took at a gym here in the US a few months ago. That was funny and exciting, a choreography to “kick” and “punch” to the… air. Well, i needed the impact in my hands. Feel the power of your muscles in amazing. So i did it.

I went to my first class, after i get lost 2 times trying to find the gym. And there they were. At the beginning was confused, understanding a correction totally in english -I thought to really improve my vocabulary- without the knowledge at that time of my body skills. It is a huge challenge one time you are in front of the bag. Kickboxing increase your cardio level,   but is more than that, you really will work your entire body at once.

There were Jordan and Justin, two young energetic guys opened to teach us. We were a group no more than ten, i think. The lesson was jab-cross: “yes Lucia, first left and then right… keep your arm straight and come back quickly”. Oh mine, i thought that working out at the gym was hard. This is really hard. Is about concentration, conscience about your all body, resistance and technique. Just amazing.

FullSizeRender (4)

Now i have been training for 3 months. The group is a kind of family, everyone is friendly… even when all of us are sweating more than into a sauna. No, is not disgusting. Is an experience to find yourself in the middle of the day, take the control of your punches and breath. Like living. I mean, not just living. Is live consciously. I can say that this is one of the most great things that i have now. I feel alive, energetic, able to, confident, secure of myself.

The training is made in 4 areas. First, warm up. Like 10 minutes high knees, jogging, jumping jacks, ankle hops, mountain climbers and my favorite: burpees. I am the queen of them… that’s because every time that you arrived late, you have a fee. The last time i did 100 burpees… so. I won. Then, stretching. At this time you are tired. Lol, you feel your heart excited and is fantastic.

After that we are ready to the bag. The rounds coming! Those are like 6, increasing the power, velocity and combination. For example the first is going to be jab-cross, left upper and switch with your partner -you have a partner to use the bag- the second round, left upper cut-right upper cut-left upper cut-front kick… and the last one is going to be jab-left upper cut-cross- 2 hooks- right front kick- high kick- cross… then, you die. Just kidding.

You can see my tummy completely sweat.

Take off your gloves and work with your partner. This is fun. You become in a coach, i love to do this. Is like pushing your friend to give more and more, and one more time… and reverse, your friend push you to increase your velocity. That’s just fantastic. Funny and exciting at the same time. You can meet new people all the time. At the end of the class we stretch again, your body will claim for a shower for sure. Now you realized that you worked hard.

Recommendations: don’t use shoes or socks, the impact with the bag is better without them. Shoes can hurt you or your partners and socks, just in case that you have a blister on your feet. Your dress must be comfortable and light, sports outfit are OK, try to choose shorts and muscles tees. Take your water close to you all the time. Push you one more time, to increase your capacity. And the most important: have fun!

If you are not convinced yet, you can see some benefits here.


  1. This is a great post Lucia! Yes, I agree completely and fell in love with kickboxing 7 years ago. It always challenges me and the combos change everyday so you never get bored! Glad you are enjoying it and are seeing the results!

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